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Harvard African Development Conference (ADC) 2016, Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States), 4-5 March 2016

ADC-ad-The 7th Annual African Development Conference (ADC) at Harvard takes on the challenge to revisit the idea of the “African Renaissance.” It invites conversations on how the continent’s potential can be realized and its growth sustained over the coming years. It will reflect on how to advance human rights, promote civic participation, and increase security. The ADC will explore the challenges of building infrastructure, navigating rapid urbanization, tackling climate change, eradicating poverty, and achieving gender and income equality. It will address models of good governance, access to quality education, health, and power, and other issues central to ensuring success and prosperity across the continent.

The ADC will provide a space for leaders to discuss ideas on how African countries, through its governments, economies, and people can maximize engagements and opportunities. Specifically, we will frame the Conference around two major themes:
Engagement: Re­imagining African development beyond 2015
Opportunities: Highlighting successes and bringing them to scale

To register on the organizer’s website click here

Price $ 130 USD

Location :  Harvard Kennedy School

79, J.F. Kennedy Street,

Cambridge, MA

For more information please visit :

Contact :


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