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Broadband Infrastructure Symposium Africa 2016, Johannesburg (South Africa), 24-25 May 2016

HIP Consult in collaboration with International Finance Co-operation (IFC) will host the Broadband Infrastructure Symposium in Africa due to take place on 24th to 25th May, 2016 at Summer Place, Johannesburg, South Africa.

This is an executive forum on African broadband infrastructure that discusses actual opportunities relating to broadband infrastructure penetration and investment across Africa.

Broadband infrastructure players across Africa face challenges arising from spiraling costs, revenue pressures, and macroeconomic factors yet the Africa connectivity and ICT space present a more generally fertile ground for disruption and growth. Therefore this conference will streamline the opportunity discovery process by gathering key decision makers across the continent.

This two day conference will feature key themes such as;

  • Unleashing the Next Wave of Growth.
  • Building blocks of Winning Infrastructure.
  • An Integrated Approach to Network Design and Interconnectivity.
  • Investment Considerations for Optimizing Returns.
  • Driving Shareholder Value; Balancing Investor-Investee Interests.
  • Productizing Bandwidth and Moving Up the Value Chain.
  • Prospering in the Face of Unrelenting Price Compression.

Renowned  speakers & Industry Influencer’s will grace this event. In addition, the conference will feature prominent keynotes, spotlight presentations, expert panels, and insightful case studies, interspersed with networking breaks and a festive cocktail reception.

There will be diverse executive representation from across the ecosystem to promote significant discussions and cross-industry partnerships.

The topics that will be discussed at this conference include:

  • Connecting the unconnected: In for viable approaches to bringing Most Africans online.
  • Monetizing bandwith: Retooling value propositions to capture new revenue opportunities.
  • Disruptive new technologies.
  • Data centers: Taking note of Africa’s current cloud environment and planning for its expansion.
  • Enabling connectivity: Addressing roadblocks in effective 4G development; looking ahead to 5G.
  • Beyond Fiber: Assessing where alternative technologies compete/complete the network puzzle.
  • e-management: Navigating the enterprise procurement process.
  • Big data: Converting Bandwidth into Next Generation Commerce.
  • Smart money roadmap: Assessing capital allocation strategies to increase ROIC.

Please note that is an invitation – only conference.

For speaking or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms. Arielle Jaffe at

Follow the link for more details about the event.

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