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The Successful Launch of the First Sub-Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention 2016 in Kampala, Uganda paves the way for further Discussions on New Opportunities for Growth

The Sub-Saharan Islamic Finance Convention: Uganda 2016 is a joint venture between Ethico Live UK and local Uganda partner, ABL Dunamis. The Convention provided a fresh approach to how industry leaders from across the key markets of Africa and internationally can engage with the major issues impacting the future of Islamic finance. The Convention achieved its purpose by creating a strong platform for the growth of the Islamic Finance industry that will not only help to further strengthen Uganda’s position as an exciting investment destination but also attract the support and enable the development of the broader Sub-Saharan market.



Left – Abubaker B. Mayanja, Managing Director, ABL Dunamis Ltd and Right – David McLean, President, Ethico Live

11th May 2016, Kampala, Uganda: The first Islamic Finance Convention in Uganda was met with a very positive response as more than 200 industry players from over 70 international organizations and more than 25 international speakers and industry thought leaders gathered to discuss topics that focused on Africa’s New Momentum and New Opportunities. The event was attended by several high level attendees from the Ministry of Finance in Uganda, Bank of Uganda, the Private Sector Foundation, and the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Uganda.

The opening keynote session featured Fabian Kasi, Chairman of the Uganda Bankers Association; and Gideon Badagawa, Executive Director of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda who discussed key opportunities such as what markets and industry verticals will drive the next wave of growth in Africa, what are the current needs and opportunities for FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa, and how can Islamic finance be the catalyst to spur further growth in the region. This was followed by another high-profile session featuring Jaafar Abdulkadir, Head of Islamic Banking at KCB Bank Group; and Abubaker B. Mayanja, Managing Director of ABL Dunamis Limited, who addressed how Islamic finance can work as a new engine for capital formation and enterprise funding to sustain growth on the continent.

Against this dynamic backdrop Ethico Live! and ABL Dunamis, joint organizers of The Sub-Saharan Islamic Finance Convention are delighted to announce that this important new gathering will now be an annual event that will take place in Kampala in May every year.

Speaking after the conclusion of the Convention, David McLean, President of Ethico Live, said that: “Much work still needs to be done if the Islamic banking industry is to deliver on its potential in Africa and the Sub-Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention 2016 is an important tool for furthering debate and accelerating the progress of the industry. Following the success of the first year of the Sub Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention, it is my pleasure to announce that we will be continuing our collaboration with ABL Dunamis to make the Sub Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention an annual event in Kampala, Uganda.”

Day 1 of the Sub-Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention 2016 also saw a special address from Lawrence K. Kiiza, Director, Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (Uganda) on the regulation and law journey of Islamic finance in Uganda and the intended policy outcomes.

Speaking after his keynote address, Mr. Mayanja said that, “Platforms such as the Sub Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention provide the impetus that will enable Uganda to become a hub for Islamic banking by attracting institutional technical support and long-term capital frok across the Middle East as well as broader OIC markets in strategically vital sectors. Building on the success of the Sub Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention 2016, it is my pleasure to announce that ABL Dunamis in collaboration with Ethico Live! will be making the Sub Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention an annual event here in Uganda to further discussions and accelerate the development of the industry and translate its expectation into economic reality. We look forward to welcoming an even larger delegation of international industry leaders to Uganda next year in May”


The Sub-Saharan Africa Islamic Finance Convention is created in collaboration between Ethico Live! and ABL Dunamis.

Ethico Live Limited is a UK registered company with its corporate headquarters at 2-4 Blythswood Square, Glasgow G2 4AD, UK. Through our on-the-ground presence in key centres across the world we are able to serve our clients in the global financial markets with high-profile international conferences in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

ABL Dunamis a Sub-Saharan Africa focused financial advisory and investment services firm that is a provider of services in the field of finance and investment including: financial and investment advisory services, research, analysis, structuring, corporate finance and transaction services to private, public, individual and institutional entities.

For Further Details, please contact:

+91 124 418 2794 

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