Événements 07-JUILLET

3rd Africa Summit – Side event, London (England), July 26th 2019

The Africa Summit is a premier and annual programme of the African Leadership magazine, since 2017, that brings together Business and Political Leaders as well as Key Stakeholders under one roof to connect with one another, celebrate innovation, entrepreneurship and development in the continent, and explore diverse thoughts and perspectives on issues relations to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of Africa. While previous editions of the summit have attracted over 250 leaders from across Africa, United States and the United Kingdom, the 2019 edition promises to be even bigger with the theme set as: Intra-African Trade: Beyond Rhetoric and Political Commitments.

The « Policymakers’ Roundtable Session on Intra-Regional Trade » is a High-level for key domestic and international policymakers from across AU member states and the International Development Institutions, as well as policymakers from Europe, United States and Asia, to engage in a candid and constructive dialogue on recent developments on intra-Africa trade.

For more information on participation and sponsorship, please contact :

African Leadership UK Limited
Portsmouth Technopole, Kingston Crescent
Portsmouth, PO2 8FA
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 7464 350969; +234 703 6827724
Email: info@africanleadership.co.ukamang@africanleadership.co.uk
Website: www.africanleadership.co.uk

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